George and Goldie

At Home In Los Angeles

These pages are dedicated to my maternal grandparents, George and Goldie Simms.  They were the finest people I ever knew, and I loved them dearly.  As a young boy I would visit them every summer, and some Christmases, at their home in Los Angeles, CA.  They lived on Campus Road, across from Occidental College.  My grandfather was a kind and gentle man who loved his garden.  He kept the grounds surrounding the home in beautiful shape.  He took me to the Congregational Church in Eagle Rock every Sunday I was there.  He taught me what love means by the way he cared for Goldie her entire life.  My grandmother was a saint.  She suffered horribly from osteoarthritis and was confined to a wheelchair before I was born.  She sat in her chair, at a small drop lid desk in front of a window for most of each day.

My grandmother and me siting at her desk.  She taught me how to read and write, about the Bible, and of course, her daily crosswords in the paper.

In the background the Encyclopedia Britannica which I read constantly.

She read her Bible, watched the Blue Jays at the bird bath, and busied herself with family correspondence.  Her tiny hands were so gnarled up from arthritis that she had to use a pencil clutched by her thumb to dial the rotary candle stick phone.  She had to keep that old phone even after it was obsolete because it was the only one she could hold and talk into.  I never once heard her complain about her condition.  She taught me to spell my name using my grandfather's old Underwood Standard tyewriter.  She taught me to love Jesus while reading Bible passages.  George and Goldie were remarkable people.  This is just a brief shetch of their lives and accomplishments.